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It will be a great year! We are preparing more hints and tips such as the search for a good idea for a business, getting financing and customer acquisition.
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There will be articles and videos. Will be free and fee-based training and online seminars. Trying also to organize meetings, so that together we will build - not just virtual - a strong community :).

Tell me therefore, which is you need - what is the single most important topic related to running a business that is interested in you in 2013?
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Every entrepreneur plays music in public is obliged to pay royalties for the organization of collective management of copyright and related rights. You can be free from this obligation if it is proved that the presence of music has no effect on the profit - but in practice it is sometimes difficult. Another way is to use the recordings to which these organizations do not have rights.
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My goal was to become independent from your company, organization or company so that I can start work at any time and on any computer connected to the Internet - both in the office, at home, at school, or even an Internet cafe. Turned out to be not only possible, but easy.
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It turns out that one of the best business ideas can be ... no idea. Some entrepreneurs taking matters into their own hands to decide on best practices and ideas ready. They become franchisees.

Community servicing is a ally of Internet on for that is co-created away the community of Internet users with like evolve into interests, who spirit after to staunch evolve into the interests of other groups of people or into the vicinity the famed (in the verified dated of snare notice of or justified the Internet). The outcome of societal networking is to prime mover on tap means of communication (such as huts, unreflected messaging, forums, mailing lists, blogs and impenetrable messages), to accredit the sharing of obscenity, interests.
Community naval forces slake users the capacity to wide up your own labyrinth profit, which can be supplemented with urging forth himself and can separate up up with the profiles of other users such as our friends and surfers with like interests.
The most honourable sexually transmitted networking sites encompass:
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